How to Request Access to a Document


How to Request Access to a Document

Need to view or edit a document but don’t have access? Don’t worry! Requesting access is a breeze with these simple steps. Follow along, and you’ll have access in no time. 🚀

First, head over to Bounsel Docs. This is where all the magic happens!

Scroll through the list or use the search function to find the document you need access to. Once you’ve found it, you’re halfway there!

Look for a purple circle (usually with a lock icon or similar) on or near the document. Pressing this button is your key to access. Tap it and wait for the magic to happen.

Once you’ve successfully requested access, keep an eye on the top right of your screen. You’ll see a pop-up confirming your request. Now, all that’s left is to wait for approval. 🎉