Add a private note to the template


Add a private note to the template

Enhancing your template management in Bounsel with private notes is straightforward. Here’s how to include personal reminders or instructions to your templates without altering the main content. 🔐

Start your journey at the template section in bounsel, the gateway to your template library. 

Find the template you wish to annotate with a private note and click on it. A pop-up window dedicated to your template will appear.


Locate and click on the “lock” icon situated on the side of your template’s pop-up. This icon is your access point to adding private notes. 

The click will reveal the private notes section of your template. Here, you’re free to write down anything from reminders to future amendment ideas or any other information you prefer to keep private.


Once you’ve added your note, rest assured it will be automatically saved. There’s no need to look for a save button; Bounsel takes care of it seamlessly.


And just like that, you’ve personalized your template with a private note, enhancing your workflow and template management in Bounsel. Efficient, private, and tailored to your needs.🌟