How to sign a document


How to sign a document

When finalizing documents in Bounsel, having a comprehensive understanding of your signature options can significantly streamline your workflow. Whether you’re sending contracts, agreements, or any formal document, Bounsel’s advanced options for requesting signatures ensure flexibility and security. Here’s an overview of the signature options available to you:

Standard Electronic Signature 📝: This is the most straightforward way to sign documents in Bounsel. Users can simply type their name, draw their signature using a mouse or touchpad, or upload an image of their signature. Ideal for quick and efficient signing processes.

Biometric Signature 🔒: For an added layer of security and authenticity, Bounsel offers the option of a biometric signature. This method captures unique characteristics of the signatory’s handwriting, such as speed, pressure, and rhythm, making it more personalized and secure.

Digital Certificate 🛡️: When the utmost level of security and verification is required, digital certificates come into play. This option utilizes a digital certificate to validate the signer’s identity, providing a tamper-evident seal that assures the integrity and origin of the document. Digital certificates are ideal for legal documents and sensitive agreements where authenticity is paramount.

To access these advanced signature options, navigate to the signature request popup in Bounsel. At the bottom of this popup, you’ll find the “Advanced Options” section, where you can select the preferred method of signature for your document.

By embracing these advanced signature options, you can customize the signing experience to match the security level and authenticity your documents require. Bounsel’s commitment to versatile and secure document management ensures that every signature you request meets the highest standards, providing peace of mind and streamlined operations for both the sender and the recipient. 🌐🔏