How do you manage, create, edit, or delete tags?


How do you manage, create, edit, or delete tags?

Tags in Bounsel are a game-changer for document management. They not only streamline the search process but also elevate the organization of your workspace, ensuring efficiency and easy tracking of crucial documents. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to manage, create, edit, or delete tags within Bounsel for an optimized document management experience.

Locate your profile picture, usually at the bottom left corner of the page, click on it to reveal a drop-up menu and select “Settings“. 

Then choose the “Tags” option and you’re now in the right place to start managing your tags.


Click on “Add tag” located at the top right corner. This step initiates the process of adding a new tag for better document categorization.

Input your desired tag name and color in the provided field. 

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Confirm your tag’s name and color by clicking on “Update tag”. Your new tag is now ready to be used!


Find the tag you wish to modify and click on the three dots next to it, then select “Edit“.


Identify the tag you no longer need and select it.

Click on the “Delete” option located at the top right corner of the screen.

Follow the prompts for confirmation and click “Delete” to remove the tag permanently from your workspace.

Leverage the power of tags to keep your Bounsel workspace organized and your documents within easy reach. 

Happy tagging! 🚀