Create your first Flow


Create your first Flow

After uploading a template as we discussed earlier, it’s time to create your first Flow!

It’s recommended to start by adding a welcome screen, followed by different types of questions to connect each question to a variable:

  • Choose the type of question for your first one, add some text, and select the variable field before moving on to the next.

  • If a question isn’t linked to a variable, it will show a specific symbol next to it as a reminder that you need to connect each question to a variable.

Once you’ve finished setting up your Flow, you must publish it. Then, click the Share button to choose how you want to share it: via Facebook, WhatsApp, email, Twitter, a QR code, or simply by using the URL link.

You can share the link with anyone, and once the document is completed, you will receive it in your repository and by email. It’s that easy!

If you prefer, there’s an option to automatically share the completed document with the person who helped complete the Flow. Just select this option from the menu before sharing it, and they will also receive a copy by email.

Furthermore, you can customize the notification message to suit your preferences.

The completed document will also appear in your repository. To download it, go to the Documents section of your workspace, select the document, and choose the format you want to download it in: PDF or Docx.

It might seem like magic, but it’s all thanks to Bounsel. 🪄