How to approve or reject a document


How to approve or reject a document

Navigating the approval process in the digital age has never been easier, especially with platforms like Bounsel streamlining every step. Whether you’re approving a new contract or reviewing a document, the process is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly. Here’s a simple guide on how to approve or reject a document when you receive an approval request via email. Let’s get started!

Begin by visiting the provided link in your approval request email. This unique link will direct you to the specific document awaiting your approval.

Upon clicking the link, you’ll land on a page that offers a brief introduction and explains the review process. Here, you’ll gain an understanding of how to proceed. Simply click “Start” to move forward.

Now, you have the opportunity to thoroughly review the document. If any questions arise or if you wish to discuss anything related to the document, utilize the chat feature by clicking on the chat icon. Additionally, if you need to, you can download the document by selecting the download button.

Before you can finalize your decision, you must agree to the terms of service and privacy policy. Check the box in the left corner to confirm your agreement. Afterward, you can proceed to either approve or reject the document by clicking the corresponding button.

Below the document, you’ll find the options to either approve or reject it. This control bar is designed to make your decision process as smooth as possible.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully approved or rejected the document. This step finalizes your input in the review process, contributing significantly to the workflow’s progress.

Approving or rejecting documents is a vital part of many workflows, and Bounsel’s platform makes this task straightforward and efficient. By following these steps, you ensure that your review process is not only productive but also seamless. Remember, your input is essential in driving projects forward and maintaining high standards across all documents.