How to upload a template


How to upload a template

Uploading a template on Bounsel is a breeze and a fantastic way to kick-start the creation of contracts or legal documents. Whether you’re drafting service contracts, NDAs, employment agreements, or any other type of legal document, templates can save you time while ensuring consistency and professionalism across your documents. Let’s dive into the steps for uploading a template to Bounsel.

First, head over to Bounsel Templates. Once there, you’ll find yourself in the hub of creativity and efficiency. This is where all your pre-designed formats or outlines live, ready to serve as the foundation for your next document.

Look for the “Select file” button. This magic button allows you to choose the specific file from your device that you wish to upload. Clicking on it will open your device’s file explorer, letting you navigate to and select the desired template file.

Remeber to upload a document with variables in the different formats that we can read:

  • [variable name]
  • {variable name}
  • {{variable name}}
  • ${variable name}

After selecting your file, it’s time to give your template a name. Naming is crucial as it helps you and your team to quickly identify the right template for the task at hand.

Now, click on the “Type” field. A dropdown menu will appear, presenting you with various project categories. Choose the one that best fits the nature of your template. This categorization helps in organizing your templates neatly, making them easier to find when needed.

This step is optional but highly recommended. Adding tags or a description to your template can further enhance its discoverability and usability. Tags can include keywords related to the template’s purpose, while a description can provide a brief overview of the template’s content or intended use.

Finally, click on the “Create template” option. This step isn’t just about uploading; it’s where the magic happens! By clicking this, you initiate the process of designing a new document layout based on your uploaded file. This layout will serve as the foundation for your document, ensuring efficient content creation and consistent styling throughout.

By following these simple steps, you can easily upload a template to Bounsel and streamline your document creation process. Remember, a well-organized template library not only saves time but also enhances the quality and consistency of your documents. 

Happy templating! 📄✨