How to use metrics and insights


How to use metrics and insights

Unlocking the full potential of your Bounsel workspace involves more than just managing documents and templates; it requires a deep dive into metrics and insights that drive decision-making and efficiency. Here’s how to leverage Bounsel’s robust analytics tools to bring clarity and precision to your workspace operations.

Navigate to the template section to start your journey toward data-driven management.🚀

Click on “Reports” to access a treasure trove of insights about your workspace’s performance. This section opens up a world of analytics at your fingertips.

The Efficiency tab reveals crucial metrics like stages, average approval times, and signature turnaround times, offering a clear lens on your operational tempo.

Toggle between different reports by clicking on the tabs. Each one unfolds unique insights tailored to assess and elevate your workspace’s performance.

Check out the Performance tab to measure your workspace’s total value and revenue impact. These figures are key to understanding your financial landscape and spotlighting revenue-generating activities. 💰

Don’t miss the Risk tab for a quick scan of potential hurdles. Identifying risks early on equips you to strategize and adapt, keeping your projects on a smooth trajectory.

Embrace these insights to transform your Bounsel workspace from a document management tool into a strategic powerhouse. With metrics and analytics guiding your way, you’re set to optimize your operations, make enlightened decisions, and propel your projects to new heights. Let the data lead the way to a more efficient and insightful workspace journey!