How to Manage, Create, Edit, or Delete Categories


How to Manage, Create, Edit, or Delete Categories

Managing categories in Bounsel is a straightforward process that helps you keep your documents and information neatly organized. Follow these steps to manage, create, edit, or delete categories within your Bounsel workspace. 🚀

First, navigate to the categories section by visiting Bounsel Categories Settings.


To create a new category, click on the “Add category” button. This allows for efficient content organization.

In the modal that appears, click on the “Name” field to name your category.

Click on the “Update category” option to finalize the creation of your new category.


Use the “Search categories” field to locate the category or navigate using the arrows of the table to the catogorie you wish to edit.

To edit a category, press the 3 dots next to it. A dropdown menu will appear.

Click on the “Edit” button from the dropdown menu to start editing the category.

You can change the name of the category in the modal that appears.

Click on the “Update category” button to apply the changes.


If you need to delete a category, press the 3 dots next to the category to access the dropdown menu.

Click on the “Delete” button in the dropdown menu to begin the deletion process.

A final warning will appear, asking for your confirmation to delete the category.

Once you’ve confirmed, press the delete button to permanently remove the category. Remember, a deleted category cannot be restored.