How to track changes in the editor


How to track changes in the editor

Navigating document edits and revisions with precision is effortless in the Bounsel editor, thanks to the intuitive track changes feature. Here’s your essential guide to monitoring every tweak and ensuring absolute accuracy in your document’s evolution.

Kickstart your document management journey at the document section, your go-to for all document-related actions. 🚀

Select the document you’re aiming to polish. Clicking it reveals a detailed pop-up of your contract, setting the stage for your edits.

Click on the three dots within the pop-up to unfold more options, then hit “Edit” to dive into making your changes in a well-organized manner. 🖋️

Activate the track changes feature by selecting the respective button in the top bar. This crucial step ensures each alteration is noted and recorded.

As you navigate through your edits, observe how each change is clearly marked next to the document. This visibility allows for an in-depth review, ensuring each modification is deliberate and accurate.

Finalize your meticulous revisions by clicking on the “Accept” button. This action confirms your changes, empowering you to proceed with your document, assured in the knowledge that every edit has been precisely captured and validated. ✔️

Leverage the track changes feature in the Bounsel editor to ensure a transparent and error-free editing journey. Embrace this advanced functionality to refine your document editing process, maintaining the highest standards of clarity and precision at every phase. 🌟