How do you add Members to a template space


How do you add Members to a template space

In Bounsel, enhancing collaboration within your team is straightforward, especially when it comes to sharing templates. Here’s a simple guide on how to add members to a template space, fostering teamwork and efficiency.

Start your collaborative journey on the template section, your central hub for template management. 🌐

Identify the template you wish to share and click on it. This action opens up a new realm of possibilities for collaboration within your workspace.

Next, look for the contact icon, which is your gateway to managing users who have access to the template. This icon symbolizes your step towards enhanced collaboration. 👥

Click on “Add users” to start the process of including new team members into your template space. This ensures that those who need access can view or edit the template as required. 🖱️

Fill in the details of the person you’re adding, selecting the appropriate role for them. Once all information is provided, hit the “Share” button to extend the invitation. 📤

Congratulations! You have successfully added a new member to your template space. This step marks the beginning of a more integrated and collaborative approach within your team. 🎉

By adding members to your template space in Bounsel, you’re not just sharing templates; you’re building a collaborative environment that encourages teamwork, streamlines processes, and enhances the overall productivity of your workspace. Embrace this feature and watch your collaborative projects soar!