How to update a version of a template


How to update a version of a template

Diving into Bounsel to give your template a fresh new look or update its content? Here’s how you can effortlessly update a version of your template, making sure your documents stay current and impactful. 📝✨

Once you’re logged in, head over to the template section to pick the template you wish to refine and update. The world of creativity awaits! 

Spot the three dots at the top right of your screen? Give them a quick click to reveal more options.

Select the “Edit” option to dive into the template’s content. This is your chance to tweak text, sprinkle in some images, shuffle layouts, or make any other essential adjustments.

This is your canvas—change colors, text styles, and anything else your heart desires to make your template truly yours.

After infusing your template with new life, click those three dots again at the top right to access the drop-down menu. 

Hit “Save as new version” to crystallize your changes into a new iteration of your template. This step is like capturing a moment in time, preserving your template’s evolution.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully updated your template. Your template now reflects your latest vision, ready to make its mark.


And just like that, with a few clicks, your Bounsel template has been refreshed and revitalized, ready to tackle any task at hand. 🌟