The flow builder


The flow builder

The flow builder is your go-to tool for creating a smooth and logical journey through your document’s questions. Think of it as your trusty sidekick in the quest for perfectly tailored documents. 🛠️

Auto-generate Questions: Leverage the power of automation to quickly populate questions based on your document’s variables. ✨

Utilizing Each Option in the Flow Builder: 

Welcome: Set the tone with a friendly greeting. This is where you invite users into the process and give them an idea of what to expect.

Text: Ideal for short, straightforward answers. When just a few words will do, this is the option to choose.

Long Text: Sometimes, more detail is better. This field is designed for elaboration, giving users the space they need to express themselves fully.

Date: Timing is everything. Use this field when the exact date matters, and you’ll be all set. 📅

Email: The lifeline for future communication. This option ensures you collect a usable email address every time.

Number: It’s all about the figures here. Whether it’s financial data or quantifiable details, this field keeps responses numeric.

Password: For those pieces of information that should remain a secret, this field ensures everything stays confidential. 🔒

Multiple Choice: Decisions made easy. Offer a set of clear options for users to select, simplifying the process.

Phone: A direct line. When you need to make contact, this field formats phone numbers just right. 📞

Section Break: Think of this as a gentle pause, a moment to breathe between sections, keeping the flow as natural as a conversation.

URL: The bridge to the wider web. When you need a valid web address, this option is the gatekeeper, ensuring the links are proper.